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'm looking at their biggest competitor, cisco up 2/3%, bringing us breaking news about the obama administration expressing concern about south korea allowing huawei to set up its wireless infrastructure. this is an important story because bill plummer has been on the show from huawei and he is a very cogent guy, really very clear in his belief this is a company that doesn't have any backboards to sneak or spy on any countries in which they are wiring but they have a huge africa business. >> that is right. in talking to build today he keeps saying they are in all these different major countries, their national infrastructure carriers so there is certainly a bit of negative tone to what is going on. teams huawei is exasperated and the fact that the ceo is talking to foreign media means something is changing already. diane: cisco is happy about this bill we are waiting on future developments, thank you for reading the chinese transcript. closing bell ringing in six minutes. right here on "countdown to the closing bell" tomorrow we are talking to one of the most influential high fina
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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